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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Hey Arnold! Summer Comic | Nickelodeon Magazine | June/July 1997

Back soon! Meanwhile, want to laugh and feel old at the same time? Check out this Nickelodeon Magazine Hey Arnold! comic from June/July 1997! 😂😂😭

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Oozy Does It | Ooze News | December 1996

Ooze News - December 1996

Oozy Does It

Every year, the Cosway Company in Dominguez Hills, California, makes and packages as much as 500,000 gallons of Gak for Nickelodeon and Mattel. We went to the factory to find out just how they hack making all that Gak.


Gak is usually made in batches of 1,300 gallons, but a small sample batch of pink was mixed just for us.

Water, coloring, and powdered thickener are slowly mixed with a secret ingredient. (No one at Cosway or Mattel would tell us what the secret ingredient is, even though we are very good at keeping secrets.) The mixture is blended until it achieves just the right Gak texture and consistency. Then the Gak is poured into 55-gallon barrels, where it is kept until it is ready to be packaged.


The next day, a larger batch of Gak in the Dark was being packaged.

1. Twenty-pound blobs of Gak are placed into a funnel-shaped machine called a hopper.

2. Every three seconds, a four-ounce portion of Gak is pushed out the nozzle at the bottom of the hopper. It goes into a plastic "splat" container.

3. The splats are then weighed to make sure each one has the right amount of Gak inside.

4. The splats are then capped and wrapped in plastic.

5. The splats are then placed upside down in clear plastic cups that line slotted trays. One piece of pre-glued cardboard is placed behind each slot.

6. The trays slide through a machine called a blister carder, which uses heat and pressure to stick the clear plastic cup to the cardboard. The packages then slide from the trays, cool for 10 seconds, and go into shipping boxes.

Gak Faks
  • Gak is 78 percent water.
  • Gak contains guar gum, which is derived from guar seeds. Guar gum is also an ingredient in fat-free cupcakes and cookies.
  • Gak's secret ingredient is also used in cosmetics.
  • Nine million pounds of Gak have been produced since the first batch was made in 1991.

Top Toon Talent

We spoke to the very animated Craig Bartlett, creator of Hey Arnold!

Pulling strings: Craig Bartlett and Arnold (above).
Having a ball: An animator draws Arnold, his head, and its look-alike (left).

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE: Did you base Arnold on anyone you know?
Craig Bartlett: Yes. He's based on me, though I didn't grow up in a boardinghouse under an overpass with my grandparents, and I don't have a head shaped like a football. But Arnold is about how I felt as a kid.

NM: Why is Arnold's head shaped like a football?
CB: At first, Arnold was made of clay for short animated features. I melted clay in a pot and then poured it out on wax paper. When the clay cooled, I cut out a bunch of shapes, like cookies. The football shape was just one that I had cut to build him with, and it ended up being his head.

NM: Why did you pick a name like Helga for a character?
CB: It's because of the Seattle, Washington, neighborhood where I grew up. It was home to a lot of Scandinavians with names like Helga and Lars Larson.

NM: So Arnold's city is based on Seattle?
CB: Yeah. Arnold's neighborhood is meant to look like some of the neighborhoods I knew in Seattle. But it also has a little bit of Brooklyn, New York, in it.

NM: What were the easiest and hardest parts of growing up in a city?
CB: I liked that everything was right nearby. The hardest part, though, was that when I was little I didn't really have a sense of a larger world outside of the city. It's the same with the kids on Hey Arnold! Their whole world is just the few blocks between their school and their houses.

NM: If you could be one of the Hey Arnold! characters, who would you be?
CB: I'd like to be Grandpa. He's just a really fun character to draw and write dialogue for. He's also a good guy and a straight talker.

NM: Who do you think is cooler, Arnold or Arnold Schwarzenegger?
CB: Oooh. Tough question. Well, for now, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'd like him to do a voice on Hey Arnold!

Trace elements: An animator draws Arnold in action (top).
The hard cel: A colorist paints Helga onto a cel, or plastic film (bottom). Her gloves keep the cel clean.

Little Big Talkers

by Lindsey von Busch

Adults provide the voices for most cartoon characters. But Hey Arnold! has real kids doing the talking. We asked a few of them to mouth off about their animated alter egos.

CHARACTER: Arnold, fourth grade
VOICE BY: Toran Caudell, ninth grade
HOW THEY'RE THE SAME:  "Arnold and I both have big imaginations, blond hair, and pet pigs."
HOW THEY'RE DIFFERENT:  "I'm very outgoing, while Arnold is quiet most of the time."
ODD JOBS: Guest appearances on Roseanne and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

CHARACTER: Helga, fourth grade
VOICE BY: Francesca Smith, seventh grade
HOW THEY'RE THE SAME:  "We're both artistic, intelligent, emotional, and dramatic."
HOW THEY'RE DIFFERENT:  "I'm very close to my family, but Helga doesn't like hers."
ODD JOB: Guest appearance on Blossom.

CHARACTER: Gerald, fourth grade
VOICE BY: Jamil Smith, ninth grade
HOW THEY'RE THE SAME:  "Like Gerald, I'm a loyal friend who's outgoing, creative, and soulful."
HOW THEY'RE DIFFERENT:  "My hair is only two inches tall, not twelve."
ODD JOB: Guest appearances on Sister, Sister.

Best Space Case Scenarios

Each kid on Space Cases has a special ability. Using the key to the left [below], figure out which character could help you solve each of the problems below. Then circle the correct letter (or letters). Answers on page 88.


A = HARLAN - Leader and superathlete

B = SUZEE - Mind reading

C = RADU - Superhearing and superstrength

D = ROSIE - Radiates heat

E = BOVA - Generates electricity

1. You're on a camping trip, and all the adults have disappeared. There's complete chaos. Who can take charge? A   B   C   D   E

2. Your father is on the phone with your teacher, talking about your math grade. You can hear your dad just fine, but which two Space Cases can help you find out what your teacher is saying? A   B   C   D   E

3. A big winter storm has knocked out the power in your house. Which two Space Cases could help you? A   B   C   D   E

4. Your brother says he hasn't been reading your diary. Who can tell you if he is lying? A   B   C   D   E

5. Your parents are down the hall, talking about the family's surprise vacation destination. Which two Space Cases could tell you where you're going? A   B   C   D   E

6. You overslept, and now your oatmeal is too cold to eat. Which Space Case can warm it up? A   B   C   D   E

7. Halfway through a long car trip, your Gameboy's batteries run out. Who can give your batteries a boost? A   B   C   D   E

8. Your street hockey ball has rolled under your neighbor's car and is out of reach. Who could move the car for you? A   B   C   D   E

9. You're outside and your hands are freezing because you forgot your mittens. Whose hand do you want to hold? A   B   C   D   E

10. At a gymnastics fundraiser, Kerri Strug hurts her ankle again. Who can take her place on the coed team? A   B   C   D   E

Space Cases airs Saturdays at 8:30 PM*.

Hey, Herb!

Where you ask Nickelodeon's president, Herb Scannell, anything you want.

Do you like to play in the snow?
Yes, I love snow. I'll never forget the snowstorm we had when I was about eight years old. After the storm, a snowplow left a pile of snow that was taller than a house. The other kids and I turned the heap into a snow fort and played in it for three weeks - until it melted.

Do you like ice-skating?
No, I can't skate. And I think that's one of the reasons I'm not a big hockey fan.

What's the best present you've ever received?
When I was 10, I got a five-speed Sting-Ray bicycle with U-shape handlebars and a yellow-and-silver-speckled banana seat for Christmas. It was like getting a car. I scored big that year.

If you have questions for Herb, send them to:

Hey, Herb!
1515 Broadway, 41st floor
New York, NY 10036

What's on Nick


The Rugrats save Grandpa Boris from the plans of his childhood rival Shlomo (also known as the "Meany" of Hanukkah) on the Rugrats Hanukkah special, which airs on Wednesday, December 4, at 8 PM*.


On The Secret World of Alex Mack, find out which is more important at Christmas - spirit or gifts - during an encore presentation of "The Gift" episode. The show will air on Thursday, December 12, at 8 PM*.

* Shows air one hour earlier in the central time zone. Shows subject to change. Check your local listings for details.

Bonus articles - Face To Face guess the actor challenge (see scan below) and BACKSTAGE BASH:

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE'S Michael Wickersheimer made some noise with stars backstage at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards.

Do you ever sing while you're driving?
All the time! I have the Grease CD in my car and I sing along with it over and over.

Kurt Loder OF MTV NEWS
What instruments do you play?
I play guitar and keyboards.

What is your favorite snack?

What did you eat for breakfast today?
A turkey burger. I ran around all morning and didn't get to eat until about noon.

Robin Goodridge and Gavin Rossdale OF BUSH
What do you think you'd be doing now if you weren't musicians?
Robin: We would be watching musicians.
Gavin: Or we'd be critics.

Additional source: Wikipedia.

Monday, 17 April 2017

What A Bunch Of Animals! | Ooze News | March 2000

Ooze News - March 2000

What a Bunch of Animals!

Animals run rampant on lots of Nickelodeon shows. See how much you know about these furry--and not-so-furry--creatures. Circle the correct answer to each question. Answers on page 95 [Below].

1. On CatDog, what does Cat's side of the house look like?
a. An aluminum can
b. A fish
c. A catnip plant

2. Besides playing cards, what do the lobsters on The Amanda Show do?
a. Dance onstage with Amanda
b. Pinch Amanda to keep her awake
c. Swim in an aquarium behind the audience

3. What is the importance of a conch on SpongeBob SquarePants?
a. It's the instrument SpongeBob plays.
b. It's the meal between breakfast and dinner.
c. It's where Patrick Star lives.

4. Which of the Angry Beavers is more impatient?
a. Daggett
b. Norbert
c. Lucille

5. On 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, who is the only person who can hear Eddie speak?
a. Elizabeth Taylor
b. Justin Taylor
c. Taylor Hanson

6. On Rocko's Modern Life, Rocko is a wallaby. What is a wallaby?
a. A kangaroo-like animal
b. A bear with no hair
c. A flying fish

7. What show features Cat and Milkman?
a. The Angry Beavers
b. The Dairy Show
c. Oh Yeah! Cartoons

8. On The Wild Thornberrys, what does Eliza's dad do for a living?
a. He hosts a TV show about animals.
b. He tames thornberrys.
c. He's a veterinarian for jungle animals.

9. What is SpongeBob's favorite show?
a. Life on a Coral Reef
b. Plankton Playtime
c. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

10. How does Eddie McDowd feel about being a dog?
a. He likes using the fire hydrant as a bathroom.
b. He really wants to be turned back into a kid.
c. He'd rather be a kitten.

11. What is Bikini Bottom?
a. Debbie Thornberry's favorite store
b. The rock band Gerald performs with
c. SpongeBob's hometown

12. Which of these statements best describes Rocko's friend Filburt?
a. He's a party animal.
b. He hates cashews.
c. He'll never come out of his shell.

13. When did the Angry Beavers start living on their own?
a. When their mom had a second litter of beavers
b. When they got caught gnawing on the furniture
c. When they turned 18 in beaver years

14. How is Eliza Thornberry able to communicate with animals?
a. She was granted a wish after saving a doomed warthog.
b. She's really a multilingual chimpanzee.
c. She inherited the ability from her parents.

15. On KABLAM!, which pair of characters hangs out with a monkey?
a. Henry and June
b. Bobby and Skeeter
c. Prometheus and Bob

Westward, Go!

Caitlin's Way might sound like the name of a street, but it is actually Nickelodeon's newest show. Caitlin Seeger (played by Lindsay Felton) is a 14-year-old orphan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who keeps landing in hot water.
     After getting in trouble with the law, she must choose between moving to Montana to live with relatives she doesn't know or growing up under the eagle eyes of Philadelphia's law enforcers.
     Caitlin decides to give Montana a try. But can a city girl make it in the country? Find out when the 90-minute Caitlin's Way movie, Stray, airs in the SNICK House on Saturday, March 11, at 8 PM.

Caitlin's Way will air regularly on Sundays at 8 PM starting March 12. Show airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show times subject to change. Check, America Online (keyword: nick), or local listings for details.

BANDIT ON THE RUN: Caitlin spends time with Bandit, a stallion she befriends after he saves her from a wolf attack.


Where you ask the president of Nickelodeon, Herb Scannell, anything you want.

What is your favorite season?
I like the spring, when daylight saving time starts. Getting an extra hour of daylight makes me remember when I was a kid. I'd stay out until eight o'clock, It's kid-liberation time.

Have you ever been to Africa to see wild animals?
No. I've never been to Africa. I like seeing animals, but I don't really want to be out in the wild with them. I like the idea of being protected.

Why do you think dogs don't like cats?
Cats have such snobbish attitudes and dogs are very friendly. Cats don't want to give dogs the time of day. A cat is like an older sister who won't pay attention to her little brother.

Thanks to all the readers
who sent in questions.
Send your questions to:

1515 Broadway, 40th floor
New York, NY 10036

Double Dare 2000

As the host of Double Dare 2000, Jason Harris watches other people do messy and difficult stunts. When he visited our offices on a chilly morning, we thought it was time for Jason to get a taste of his own medicine. (Actually, it was a taste of whipped cream topped with cherries.) We locked his coat in an office-and hid the key in one of 36 bowls of whipped cream arranged to form the number 2000 (above). His challenge: to find the key without using his hands.

A MAN, A PLAN Jason checks out the situation and comes up with a strategy. With 36 bowls of whipped cream to choose from, he decides to go for the dishes with the most whipped cream first.

DOES HE NEED A SHAVE? Jason digs in. After a few tries, he starts to wonder if the key is anywhere to be found. But he can't give up unless he wants to really chill in New York City for good.

THE KEY TO SUCCESS After 40 seconds and five bowls of whipped cream, Jason gets lucky...well, if only he had a few napkins.

VICTORY! The triumphant Double Dare 2000 host is ready to pick up his coat and get back to the set in Orlando, Florida, where he's the one handing out the challenges!

Double Dare 2000 airs on weekdays at 5 PM. Show airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show time is subject to change. Check, America Online (keyword: nick), or local listings for details.

Bark My Words

On the show 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, a man called The Drifter puts a curse on Eddie McDowd and turns him into a dog. We got Seth Green, the voice behind the pooch, to sit, stay, and talk to us.

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE: What's it like portraying a dog rather than a person?
SETH GREEN: Since he's a dog who was once a person, it's not that different--save for his insatiable desire for Snausages.

Do you find yourself using your dog voice when you're not recording the show?
All the time--in restaurants, in banks, and [joking] with police.

Have you ever tried your dog voice on real dogs?
Yes. They were initially unresponsive, but after some time I gained their confidence and they shared all their doggie secrets.

Do you have to watch the dog's lips when you record his voice for each scene?
Dogs don't have lips. That's why they lap water instead of using straws and they can't chew with their mouths closed. But if they did, I might.

What would you consider a treat after a good day's work?

Do you have any pets?
I have dogs and cats, but I really want a monkey.

100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd airs Saturdays at 9 PM in the SNICK House.

What's New on Nick
by Meredith Hart

Every weekday from 7 to 9 AM you can catch March Toon Mania. If you can't watch during the week, don't fret--there will be toon-a-thons on weekends throughout the month as well! Toon in for the madness beginning Monday, March 6, at 7 AM.

Gather around the campfire for another meeting of the Midnight Society as the kids get caught up in their mysterious tales. Discover the spooky details when new episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? premiere on Sunday, March 5, at 6:30 PM. In an upcoming episode, Olympic gold-medalist Tara Lipinski (left) plays Ellen, a high schooler with some alien tendencies. We asked Tara what she would do if she ever had a run-in with an alien in real life. "Run very, very fast," she replied.

Get ready to vote for this year's Kids' Choice Awards. Starting Monday, March 20, tune into Nick and call the toll-free number to vote for your favorite nominees, or log on to to cast your vote. Stay tuned to Nick to find out when the Kids' Choice Awards will air, and see if your picks win.

Shows air one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show times are subject to change. Check, America Online (keyword: nick), or local listings for details.

Bonus: Nickelodeon Magazine's March 2000 calendar, featuring frozen food facts to celebrate the birthday of Clarence Birdseye; Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants book advertisement.

Answers to What a Bunch of Animals! quiz: 1=B, 2=A, 3=A, 4=A, 5=B, 6=A, 7=C, 8=A, 9=C, 10=B, 11=C, 12=C, 13=A, 14=A, 15C.

Additional sources: Wikipedia (I, II, III, IV, V), The Prometheus and Bob Tapes, IMDb.