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Tuesday 25 May 2021

Wall-to-Wall Rugrats Quiz | Ooze News | December 1995

Ooze News - December 1995

In the December 1995 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine's OOZE NEWS:


Test your Rugrats knowledge with Nickelodeon Magazine's quiz!


Nickelodeon president Geraldine B. Laybourne shares a throwback family photo of herself with her sisters and brother!


Nickelodeon highlights in December 1995 included:

- Holiday 'toons
- The The Adventures of Pete and Pete "after-Christmas" special "O Christmas Pete, O Christmas Pete".
- Nickelodeon's Third Annual New Year's Eve Celebration


- Nickelodeon computer accessories from BrainWorks! Items included a Nickelodeon keyboard, mouse, mousepad, 3-D monitor mask, a 3.5" disk/CD-ROM Holder, and a Homework Holder!

- Skate hard with this In-Line Skater ad!

The Rugrats are back! Tune into the brand new series, premiering May 27 exclusively on Paramount+! Sign up FREE at!

Thursday 16 March 2000

What A Bunch Of Animals! | Ooze News | March 2000

Ooze News - March 2000

What a Bunch of Animals!

Animals run rampant on lots of Nickelodeon shows. See how much you know about these furry--and not-so-furry--creatures. Circle the correct answer to each question. Answers on page 95 [Below].

1. On CatDog, what does Cat's side of the house look like?
a. An aluminum can
b. A fish
c. A catnip plant

2. Besides playing cards, what do the lobsters on The Amanda Show do?
a. Dance onstage with Amanda
b. Pinch Amanda to keep her awake
c. Swim in an aquarium behind the audience

3. What is the importance of a conch on SpongeBob SquarePants?
a. It's the instrument SpongeBob plays.
b. It's the meal between breakfast and dinner.
c. It's where Patrick Star lives.

4. Which of the Angry Beavers is more impatient?
a. Daggett
b. Norbert
c. Lucille

5. On 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, who is the only person who can hear Eddie speak?
a. Elizabeth Taylor
b. Justin Taylor
c. Taylor Hanson

6. On Rocko's Modern Life, Rocko is a wallaby. What is a wallaby?
a. A kangaroo-like animal
b. A bear with no hair
c. A flying fish

7. What show features Cat and Milkman?
a. The Angry Beavers
b. The Dairy Show
c. Oh Yeah! Cartoons

8. On The Wild Thornberrys, what does Eliza's dad do for a living?
a. He hosts a TV show about animals.
b. He tames thornberrys.
c. He's a veterinarian for jungle animals.

9. What is SpongeBob's favorite show?
a. Life on a Coral Reef
b. Plankton Playtime
c. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

10. How does Eddie McDowd feel about being a dog?
a. He likes using the fire hydrant as a bathroom.
b. He really wants to be turned back into a kid.
c. He'd rather be a kitten.

11. What is Bikini Bottom?
a. Debbie Thornberry's favorite store
b. The rock band Gerald performs with
c. SpongeBob's hometown

12. Which of these statements best describes Rocko's friend Filburt?
a. He's a party animal.
b. He hates cashews.
c. He'll never come out of his shell.

13. When did the Angry Beavers start living on their own?
a. When their mom had a second litter of beavers
b. When they got caught gnawing on the furniture
c. When they turned 18 in beaver years

14. How is Eliza Thornberry able to communicate with animals?
a. She was granted a wish after saving a doomed warthog.
b. She's really a multilingual chimpanzee.
c. She inherited the ability from her parents.

15. On KABLAM!, which pair of characters hangs out with a monkey?
a. Henry and June
b. Bobby and Skeeter
c. Prometheus and Bob

Westward, Go!

Caitlin's Way might sound like the name of a street, but it is actually Nickelodeon's newest show. Caitlin Seeger (played by Lindsay Felton) is a 14-year-old orphan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who keeps landing in hot water.
     After getting in trouble with the law, she must choose between moving to Montana to live with relatives she doesn't know or growing up under the eagle eyes of Philadelphia's law enforcers.
     Caitlin decides to give Montana a try. But can a city girl make it in the country? Find out when the 90-minute Caitlin's Way movie, Stray, airs in the SNICK House on Saturday, March 11, at 8 PM.

Caitlin's Way will air regularly on Sundays at 8 PM starting March 12. Show airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show times subject to change. Check, America Online (keyword: nick), or local listings for details.

BANDIT ON THE RUN: Caitlin spends time with Bandit, a stallion she befriends after he saves her from a wolf attack.


Where you ask the president of Nickelodeon, Herb Scannell, anything you want.

What is your favorite season?
I like the spring, when daylight saving time starts. Getting an extra hour of daylight makes me remember when I was a kid. I'd stay out until eight o'clock, It's kid-liberation time.

Have you ever been to Africa to see wild animals?
No. I've never been to Africa. I like seeing animals, but I don't really want to be out in the wild with them. I like the idea of being protected.

Why do you think dogs don't like cats?
Cats have such snobbish attitudes and dogs are very friendly. Cats don't want to give dogs the time of day. A cat is like an older sister who won't pay attention to her little brother.

Thanks to all the readers
who sent in questions.
Send your questions to:

1515 Broadway, 40th floor
New York, NY 10036

Double Dare 2000

As the host of Double Dare 2000, Jason Harris watches other people do messy and difficult stunts. When he visited our offices on a chilly morning, we thought it was time for Jason to get a taste of his own medicine. (Actually, it was a taste of whipped cream topped with cherries.) We locked his coat in an office-and hid the key in one of 36 bowls of whipped cream arranged to form the number 2000 (above). His challenge: to find the key without using his hands.

A MAN, A PLAN Jason checks out the situation and comes up with a strategy. With 36 bowls of whipped cream to choose from, he decides to go for the dishes with the most whipped cream first.

DOES HE NEED A SHAVE? Jason digs in. After a few tries, he starts to wonder if the key is anywhere to be found. But he can't give up unless he wants to really chill in New York City for good.

THE KEY TO SUCCESS After 40 seconds and five bowls of whipped cream, Jason gets lucky...well, if only he had a few napkins.

VICTORY! The triumphant Double Dare 2000 host is ready to pick up his coat and get back to the set in Orlando, Florida, where he's the one handing out the challenges!

Double Dare 2000 airs on weekdays at 5 PM. Show airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show time is subject to change. Check, America Online (keyword: nick), or local listings for details.

Bark My Words

On the show 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, a man called The Drifter puts a curse on Eddie McDowd and turns him into a dog. We got Seth Green, the voice behind the pooch, to sit, stay, and talk to us.

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE: What's it like portraying a dog rather than a person?
SETH GREEN: Since he's a dog who was once a person, it's not that different--save for his insatiable desire for Snausages.

Do you find yourself using your dog voice when you're not recording the show?
All the time--in restaurants, in banks, and [joking] with police.

Have you ever tried your dog voice on real dogs?
Yes. They were initially unresponsive, but after some time I gained their confidence and they shared all their doggie secrets.

Do you have to watch the dog's lips when you record his voice for each scene?
Dogs don't have lips. That's why they lap water instead of using straws and they can't chew with their mouths closed. But if they did, I might.

What would you consider a treat after a good day's work?

Do you have any pets?
I have dogs and cats, but I really want a monkey.

100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd airs Saturdays at 9 PM in the SNICK House.

What's New on Nick
by Meredith Hart

Every weekday from 7 to 9 AM you can catch March Toon Mania. If you can't watch during the week, don't fret--there will be toon-a-thons on weekends throughout the month as well! Toon in for the madness beginning Monday, March 6, at 7 AM.

Gather around the campfire for another meeting of the Midnight Society as the kids get caught up in their mysterious tales. Discover the spooky details when new episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? premiere on Sunday, March 5, at 6:30 PM. In an upcoming episode, Olympic gold-medalist Tara Lipinski (left) plays Ellen, a high schooler with some alien tendencies. We asked Tara what she would do if she ever had a run-in with an alien in real life. "Run very, very fast," she replied.

Get ready to vote for this year's Kids' Choice Awards. Starting Monday, March 20, tune into Nick and call the toll-free number to vote for your favorite nominees, or log on to to cast your vote. Stay tuned to Nick to find out when the Kids' Choice Awards will air, and see if your picks win.

Shows air one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show times are subject to change. Check, America Online (keyword: nick), or local listings for details.

Bonus: Nickelodeon Magazine's March 2000 calendar, featuring frozen food facts to celebrate the birthday of Clarence Birdseye; Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants book advertisement.

Answers to What a Bunch of Animals! quiz: 1=B, 2=A, 3=A, 4=A, 5=B, 6=A, 7=C, 8=A, 9=C, 10=B, 11=C, 12=C, 13=A, 14=A, 15C.

Additional sources: Wikipedia (I, II, III, IV, V), The Prometheus and Bob Tapes, IMDb.

Wednesday 15 September 1999

If the SquarePants Fit... | | Rocket Power | Ooze News | SpongeBob SquarePants | September 1999

Ooze News - September 1999

If the SquarePants Fit...

GLUB-GLUB (clockwise from above, left): Steve diving; holding a land crab in Tahiti; and surfing in Baja, Mexico.
Sea-loving Steve Hillenburg (right) is the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants. It's a new Nicktoon about the underwater adventures of a happy-go-lucky sponge (above) and his splashy pals. We found Steve's answers to our questions quite absorbing.

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE: How did you come up with the character SpongeBob?
STEVE HILLENBURG: I've always been an ocean freak, so I thought I'd like to do a show about lesser-known creatures that live under the sea. Then I thought, What would be the funniest, weirdest kind of character to be the star? After considering the octopus, starfish, squid, and crab, I decided the sponge was the most ridiculous.

Is it true that you used to be a marine biologist?
I studied marine biology in college and then worked at a school program at the Orange County Marine Institute [in California]. We had all sorts of tanks, labs, and pools where kids could observe and interact with sea life, and we also ran whale watches.

Do you scuba dive?
I've done some diving, but if I go on a trip, I usually snorkel and surf.

How did you get into animation?
As much as I loved my work at the marine institute, I'd always been interested in drawing and painting, so I decided to go back to school for animation. Some of the films I made in school helped me get my start [in cartoons] on Nickelodeon's Rocko's Modern Life, which I worked on for three years.

When you were a kid, did anyone encourage you to become an artist?
My third-grade teacher, Mrs. McMahon, was very excited about my drawings. She asked me to draw her portrait once, and she thought it turned out really funny. She was definitely an inspiration.

What were you like when you were ten?
I grew up in Southern California, so pretty early on I was interested in critters and the ocean. I was into science and collecting bugs, and I had a tendency to build strange, smelly things, such as a dinosaur out of chicken bones.

What advice do you have for kids who are interested in animation or science-or both?
Sometimes people say you can only take one path. To that, I say, "Maybe that's not true." My work in marine biology helped me create a cartoon that might appear new to everyone. My other piece of advice is to follow your own instincts as an artist. If you have a style that seems different, have fun it with; be proud of it.

BUBBLY BOTTOM: SpongeBob and his friends (clockwise from top) Squidward, Sandy Cheeks, and Patrick.
How would you describe the style of SpongeBob SquarePants?
Whimsical. Since I love surfing, and the show takes place in the ocean, I decided to add a lot of Hawaiian surf culture-music, design, SpongeBob's pineapple house. I think that adds to the show's sense of optimism and fun.

Which SpongeBob character do you most identify with?
I identify with all the characters on some level. Sometimes I'm grumpy or being snobby about something, so I'm like Squidward (below). And sometimes I'm optimistic and naive, just like SpongeBob.

What's more fun: being a cartoonist or working with sea creatures?
They both have their advantages. I miss being able to work at the ocean every day. But when I was working by the ocean, I missed drawing and creating. I'll have to make a studio under the water, I guess.

SpongeBob SquarePants airs on Friday nights at 8 PM and Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10 AM. Show times are subject to change. Check, America Online (keyword: nick), or local listings for details. Behind the Screen

Nickelodeon's website ( was started in 1997 to deliver up-to-the-minute Nick news, games, contests, and polls. As we learned on a recent trip to their offices, it takes about 30 people to bring it all together. Here are some of them.


As the writers of the website's "Inside Nick: Your Backstage Pass to Nickelodeon" area, Sean McEvoy and Deb Levine (left) travel frequently to Los Angeles, California, and Orlando, Florida (where most Nickelodeon shows are taped), to interview Nick stars. Sure, it's fun for them, but only occasionally do they get starstruck. "I must admit, I was a little nervous interviewing [model] Rebecca Romijn-Stamos at Kids' Choice," says Sean. As for Deb, a highlight was meeting actor Chris Elliott on the set of an upcoming Nickelodeon movie. "I was psyched to meet him," says Deb, "and he turned out to be really funny and nice."


As a kid, Nathan Potter (above) wasn't very good at learning foreign languages. But to become the technical manager of, he had to master several website-building computer languages, starting with the most basic, HTML. Nathan and his staff are responsible for taking other people's designs and words and making them function as a game or activity. For more advanced games and animation, he works with languages such as Perl and Java. And unlike many of his coworkers, one computer just isn't enough to get his job done. With both a PC and a Macintosh at his desk and about 20 servers that link the different parts of the site together, he has learned to accept technical break-downs. "If my computers don't crash two to three times a day, I'm not really working," says Nathan.


To design games for, Steve Milaro (left) spends his weekends the same way many kids do: watching Nickelodeon. That's the easy part. The hard part is finding characters or scenes in Figure It Out, All That, Hey Arnold!, and CatDog that can be turned into funny, challenging games. Once he has an idea, Steve works with the shows' creators to decide how the game will look, sound, and play. Then it's up to a technical programmer, such as Nathan Potter, to turn the idea into reality. The whole process takes about six weeks. Steve is especially proud of the All That game in which players have to pitch peas into Miss Pidlin's mouth. He also has a soft spot for the cartoon kid known as Football Head. "I could watch Hey Arnold! all day long," says Steve. "In fact, I have!"

Extreme Friends
by Jessica Cutler

Meet the adventurous foursome of the new cartoon Nickelodeon Rocket Power. Otto and his sister Reggie team up with their friends Twister and Sam to skateboard, surf, and ski their way through their seaside town, Ocean Shores.


Always the center of attention

Nickname: Rocket Boy
Hair: Red dreadlocks
Family: Dad - Ray Rocket, an aging surfer - and sister, Reggie
Hobby: Excelling at all extreme sports
Also: He's known as much for his devilish personality as for his athletic talent. He received a V-- in classroom citizenship on his report card.


The amateur filmmaker

Real name: Maurice - but don't tell anyone!
Hair: Red, and it's always covered by a hat.
Family: An older brother, Lars - who calls Twister and his pals Munchkins - and an ice-dancing cousin, Cleo
Hobby: Making videos in Twist-O-Vision (his own filmmaking style)
Also: He's Otto's best friend, but he's not as sharp as he is loyal. He also tends to accuse Sam (below) of embarrassing acts, such as picking his nose in the goalie box during roller hockey.


The voice of reason

Nickname: Rocket Girl
Hair: Wavy and purple
Family: She's Otto's sister.
Hobby: Publishing her own magazine, called Reggie's 'Zine
Also: She's considered the most responsible member of the Rocket family. A natural athlete, she even won a figure-skating competition without ever taking a lesson.


The brains of the bunch

Nickname: Squid
Hair: Blond brush cut
Family: An only child, Sam lives with his mother.
Hobbies: Computers, complaining, and wiping out on his skateboard
Also: He just moved to Ocean Shores from Kansas. He has a tendency to save the day with his technical know-how, but insists on wearing a babyish brand of pajamas called "Shmoopy Woopy Bears."

Nickelodeon Rocket Power premieres Monday, August 16, at 8:30 PM, then airs Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30 PM. Show times are subject to change. Check, America Online (keyword: nick), or local listings for details.

HeY, HeRb!

Where you ask the president of Nickelodeon, Herb Scannell, anything you want.

Did you ever run for a student council office as a kid?

I was elected treasurer of my elementary school and president of my class in junior high school. I still have the campaign posters my dad helped me make. One of them was in the shape and style of a Superman shield and said SCANNELL FOR TREASURER [far right]. Another one was a play on an advertisement for Smucker's preserves [right]. My dad drew a jar of jam with a label on it that said SCANNELL'S: HERB'S PRESERVES and around it was the slogan WITH A NAME LIKE SCANNELL, HE'S GOT TO BE GOOD!!!

Send your questions to:

HeY, HeRb!

1515 Broadway, 40th floor
New York, NY 10036

What's New on Nick


ALIEN VACATION: Arjay Smith as Allen Strange on his most incredible trip yet.
In "Alien Vacation," a 90-minute episode of The Journey of Allen Strange, Allen sets out on a trek across Earth with his friends Robbie and Josh. His mission: to find a message he thinks his fellow Xelans have left for him. Tune in to the premiere on SNICK, September 18, from 8:30 to 10 PM.


Have the folks at Figure It Out gone completely wild? Find out, when the game show starts airing all-new episodes called Figure It Out Wild Style. The new season focuses on kids and their talented animals, including dogs, parakeets, and snakes. Look for it this fall!

Shows air an hour earlier in the central time zone. Show times are subject to change. Check, America Online (keyword: nick), or local listings for details.

Wednesday 30 June 1999

Are They Afraid of the Dark? | Ooze News | June & July 1999

In the June / July 1999 edition of Nickelodeon Magazine's OOZE NEWS:

- In Are They Afraid of the Dark?, the cast of the Midnight Society from Nickelodeon's 1999 Are You Afraid of the Dark? revival, Kareem Blackwell (Quinn), Elisha Cuthbert (Megan), Daniel DeSanto (Tucker), David Deveau (Andy) and Vanessa Lengies (Vange) reveals to Nick Mag reporter Julie Rottenberg what makes the professional frighters scream offscreen, their favorite scary movies and campfire snacks, and the most scariest subjects in school!

In Hey, Herb!, Nickelodeon President Herb Scannell reveals that his first name is actually William, and that the first scary movie that he ever saw was Night of the Living Dead!

In What's New on Nick, reporter Meredith Hart tells us about:

- Happy Birthday to Nick! In June 1999, Nickelodeon celebrate its 20th birthday on-air with a 20th birthday blowout, including contests, The Best of Nickelodeon, slimings, and a live birthday bash in SNICK!

- New Nicktoon! The premiere of SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon on Saturday, July 17, 1999!

- Declare Your Independence! Nickelodeon's Summer Toons blasted off on the day after Fourth of July, and featured Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, The Wild Thornberrys, Angry Beavers and Doug!

- Henry and June in June! KABLAM!'s Henry and June hosted their own special in June 1999, in which they brought a slew of special guests, including WWF (WWE) star Stone Cold Steve Austin, into their animated world!

Bonus: A Click Nick print advertisement featuring Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life), Arnold Shortman (Hey Arnold!), Daggett Beaver (Angry Beavers), Ickis (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters) and Angelica Pickles (Rugrats)!

Check it out below!:

Additional source: IMDb.

Sunday 16 August 1998

Draw Hey Arnold! | Ooze News | August 1998

Ooze News - August 1998

Draw Arnold!

Draw Hey Arnold!'s main character in the blank space below by following these step-by-step instructions. Make sure you use a pencil with a good eraser, because some steps require erasing.

Beavers Vs. Beavers

The Angry Beavers on Nickelodeon might leave you thinking that real beavers munch nachos and watch sci-fi movies. Read on to find out how the Nicktoon rodents measure up to their real-life counterparts.

Live in a spacious two-story home inside their dam
Live apart from their dam, in a one-room lodge
Can chew through a thick tree in the blink of an eye
Can chew through a five-inch-thick tree in about three minutes
Speak fluent English
Speak no English, but do murmur back and forth to one another
Show anger by calling each other names, such as Spooty Head
Show anger by hissing
Are sometimes mistaken for weasels
Are hard to mistake for weasels - the average beaver is three times bigger than the average weasel
Had to leave home when their new siblings were born
Have to leave the lodge right before their new siblings are born
Have trouble staying up all night
Usually stay up all night to forage for food and work on their dams and lodges
Once grew their teeth really long as a fashion statement
Keep their teeth short by gnawing on wood
Daggett studied martial arts so that he could pester other animals.
Slap their tails on the surface of a pond to scare away predators
Stock their kitchen with twigs and junk food
Store branches in the mud on the bottom of their pond
Love to watch crummy science-fiction and horror movies
Don't watch television, not even Leave It to Beaver reruns

Check local listings for Hey Arnold! and Angry Beavers show times.

Cartoon King

With three new Nicktoons in every episode, Nickelodeon's show Oh Yeah! Cartoons is for serious cartoon fans. Fred Seibert, the program's creator and executive producer, chooses which cartoons get to appear. He got very animated when we asked him these questions.

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE: Why did you create Oh Yeah! Cartoons?
FRED SEIBERT: Since so many kids say they look forward to new cartoons on Nickelodeon, I thought it would be great to have a place to show new cartoons every week.

Why do you like cartoons so much?
I loved the feeling of watching cartoons when I was a kid, and I love recapturing that feeling as an adult by working with people who make them.

What were some of your favorite cartoons as a kid?
My first favorite was a cartoon called Huckleberry Hound. I also liked Bugs Bunny and The Flintstones.

What makes a great cartoonist?
He or she has to be able to draw, be funny, and be able to tell a story.

ChalkZone, created by Bill Burnett and Larry Huber, and Jelly's Day, by Greg Emison Cartoon

Which cartoon character would you like to spend a day with?
I always thought Bugs Bunny would be a great guy to have around, because even when he's bothering you, he's awfully funny.

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
Because my name is Fred, and The Flintstones came out when I was nine, I've always identified with Fred Flintstone. He's just a regular guy, and I consider myself just a regular guy. He does good things, but he also messes up a lot, and I think of myself that way, too.

What is your favorite cartoon sound effect?
My favorite sound effect happens when Fred Flintstone makes his car take off by putting his feet down on the ground and running. And I happen to know how that sound effect was made: Two of the show's producers drummed their hands on a leather couch, as if they were playing bongos.

Which cartoon character would you want working for you?
The thing that makes cartoon characters funny is that they usually don't want to get anything done. They want to be left alone. And that's the worst kind of person to have working for you, isn't it?

Oh Yeah! Cartoons premieres Sunday, July 19, at 11 AM. Show airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show times subject to change. Check local listings for details.

Real Characters

We asked these Oh Yeah! Cartoon-ists to sketch themselves, for a change.

Alex Kirwan

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:
"Teddy & Art" and "Thatta-Boy"

Most challenging thing to draw: Cars

Usually doodles: Monsters and robots

Favorite cartoon as a kid: Scooby-Doo

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The PBPBPBBPBPPB! noise made by the Jetsons' car

Dream superhero power: "Glow-in-the-dark eyeballs"

Butch Hartman

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:

"The Fairly Oddparents"

Most challenging thing to draw: Realistic cars

Usually doodles: Superheroes

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The KA-THUD! when Charlie Brown hits the ground after trying to kick a football

Dream superhero power: "The power to eat whatever I want without gaining weight"

Rob Renzetti

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:
"Ask Edward" and "The F-Tales"

Most challenging thing to draw: Accurate caricatures

Usually doodles: Caricatures of people he knows

Favorite cartoon as a kid: Popeye, before it was in color

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The Boogedy Boogedy! sounds some characters make when they jump in the air and run in place

Dream superhero power: "Laser-freeze vision. I've had to wear glasses since sixth grade."

Larry Huber

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:
"ChalkZone," "The Man With No Nose," and "Apex Cartoon Props & Novelties"

Most challenging thing to draw: Cats and horses

Usually doodles: Cartoon eyes

Favorite cartoon character as a kid: Yogi Bear

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The WAH-HA-HA-HOOIE! sound made by Goofy when he falls of a cliff

Dream superhero power: "The power to read people's minds"

Dave Wasson

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:
"Max and His Special Problem" and "Jack and the Beatstalk"

Most challenging thing to draw: Accurate caricatures

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The SLAM! sound when Tom of Tom and Jerry rams into something

Dream superhero power: "The power to cancel the effect of gravity on people or objects of my choice so that they'd float off the planet"

Livin' Loopy

In honor of KABLAM!'s Life With Loopy special, we asked the creator, Stephen Holman (below, left), about life on the Loopy side.

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE: What is Loopy's full name?

STEPHEN HOLMAN: Loopy is short for Lupicia [pronounced loop-EE-sha], and nobody knows this yet, but her last name is Cooper.

Were you more like Loopy or her brother Larry as a kid?
To be honest, Larry is the dweebier side of me growing up, and Loopy is the cooler side.

How is Life With Loopy made?
Loopy is a mixture of stop-action animation, puppetry, and live action. The faces of Loopy and her family are made of metal, and their features are magnetic, which makes it easy to change their expressions.

Do you play any parts in the live-action segments?
Yes. I play Charlie Chicken, and in "Late Night With Loopy" I played the TV host Hank Hankerman - our version of David Letterman.

Loopy's parents always answer her questions with far-out stories. Do you remember any far-out stories you were told as a kid?
One of the breakfasts we were served when I was a kid was scrambled eggs mixed with mushrooms, and mushrooms turned the scrambled eggs gray. It was my favorite meal, and my dad told me it was gray dogfish. So until I was about six, I used to tell everyone that my favorite meal was gray dogfish.

Any chance Loopy will have gray dogfish for breakfast?
Well, I have been thinking about it.

The Life With Loopy special airs Friday, August 7, at 8 PM. Show airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show time subject to change. Check local listings for details.


Meet O (the blue O, above), host of Nickelodeon's new nighttime hour, called Nickel-O-Zone. To make O feel at home, match the clues in the first column to the correct answers in the second column. We filled in the Os already. Hint: Find and fill in the easiest clues first, to narrow down the choices. We did one for you. Answers on page 62.

1. Kenan and Kel movie A.   O O 7
2. The section of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE you're reading now B.   _ O O _   O _ O _
3. Santa's laugh C.   _ O O _ - _ O _ _
       _ O _    _ O _
4. "Bond. James Bond." D.   _ O O _
       _ _ _ _ _ _
5. A bad smell from inside your sneakers E.   _ _ _ _ _ _ 
       _ O O
6. Nickelodeon character who loves a mystery F. _ O!   _ O!   _ O!
7. A 12-inch frankfurter G.   O O _ _      _ _ _ _

by Andrew Brisman

Nickel-O-Zone premieres August 31, from 8 PM to 9 PM. It airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Time subject to change. Check local listings for details.

Hey, Herb!

Where you ask the president of Nickelodeon, Herb Scannell, anything you want.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jimmy Smits of NYPD Blue?
Yes, I've been told I look like Jimmy Smits (above, left). People also think I look like [Broncos Quarterback] John Elway (above, right), but I don't see the resemblance.

What has been your favorite decade so far?
I liked the idealism and music of the sixties, I'm not a disco fan, and I thought the fashion was really bad in the seventies. The nineties have been pretty good: I became a dad and got to be president of Nickelodeon. Since those are the things that make be happy, I'd have to say the nineties.

Did you ever wear skintight bell-bottoms or have a 1970s hairstyle?
I tried to grow my hair long enough for a ponytail, but it never worked, because my hair is really thin. At a certain length the ends would flip up and look goofy. I did have a pair of black-and-white-striped bell-bottoms that were pretty tight on me, even though I was very skinny!

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