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Sunday, 16 August 1998

Draw Hey Arnold! | Ooze News | August 1998

Ooze News - August 1998

Draw Arnold!

Draw Hey Arnold!'s main character in the blank space below by following these step-by-step instructions. Make sure you use a pencil with a good eraser, because some steps require erasing.

Beavers Vs. Beavers

The Angry Beavers on Nickelodeon might leave you thinking that real beavers munch nachos and watch sci-fi movies. Read on to find out how the Nicktoon rodents measure up to their real-life counterparts.

Live in a spacious two-story home inside their dam
Live apart from their dam, in a one-room lodge
Can chew through a thick tree in the blink of an eye
Can chew through a five-inch-thick tree in about three minutes
Speak fluent English
Speak no English, but do murmur back and forth to one another
Show anger by calling each other names, such as Spooty Head
Show anger by hissing
Are sometimes mistaken for weasels
Are hard to mistake for weasels - the average beaver is three times bigger than the average weasel
Had to leave home when their new siblings were born
Have to leave the lodge right before their new siblings are born
Have trouble staying up all night
Usually stay up all night to forage for food and work on their dams and lodges
Once grew their teeth really long as a fashion statement
Keep their teeth short by gnawing on wood
Daggett studied martial arts so that he could pester other animals.
Slap their tails on the surface of a pond to scare away predators
Stock their kitchen with twigs and junk food
Store branches in the mud on the bottom of their pond
Love to watch crummy science-fiction and horror movies
Don't watch television, not even Leave It to Beaver reruns

Check local listings for Hey Arnold! and Angry Beavers show times.

Cartoon King

With three new Nicktoons in every episode, Nickelodeon's show Oh Yeah! Cartoons is for serious cartoon fans. Fred Seibert, the program's creator and executive producer, chooses which cartoons get to appear. He got very animated when we asked him these questions.

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE: Why did you create Oh Yeah! Cartoons?
FRED SEIBERT: Since so many kids say they look forward to new cartoons on Nickelodeon, I thought it would be great to have a place to show new cartoons every week.

Why do you like cartoons so much?
I loved the feeling of watching cartoons when I was a kid, and I love recapturing that feeling as an adult by working with people who make them.

What were some of your favorite cartoons as a kid?
My first favorite was a cartoon called Huckleberry Hound. I also liked Bugs Bunny and The Flintstones.

What makes a great cartoonist?
He or she has to be able to draw, be funny, and be able to tell a story.

ChalkZone, created by Bill Burnett and Larry Huber, and Jelly's Day, by Greg Emison Cartoon

Which cartoon character would you like to spend a day with?
I always thought Bugs Bunny would be a great guy to have around, because even when he's bothering you, he's awfully funny.

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
Because my name is Fred, and The Flintstones came out when I was nine, I've always identified with Fred Flintstone. He's just a regular guy, and I consider myself just a regular guy. He does good things, but he also messes up a lot, and I think of myself that way, too.

What is your favorite cartoon sound effect?
My favorite sound effect happens when Fred Flintstone makes his car take off by putting his feet down on the ground and running. And I happen to know how that sound effect was made: Two of the show's producers drummed their hands on a leather couch, as if they were playing bongos.

Which cartoon character would you want working for you?
The thing that makes cartoon characters funny is that they usually don't want to get anything done. They want to be left alone. And that's the worst kind of person to have working for you, isn't it?

Oh Yeah! Cartoons premieres Sunday, July 19, at 11 AM. Show airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show times subject to change. Check local listings for details.

Real Characters

We asked these Oh Yeah! Cartoon-ists to sketch themselves, for a change.

Alex Kirwan

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:
"Teddy & Art" and "Thatta-Boy"

Most challenging thing to draw: Cars

Usually doodles: Monsters and robots

Favorite cartoon as a kid: Scooby-Doo

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The PBPBPBBPBPPB! noise made by the Jetsons' car

Dream superhero power: "Glow-in-the-dark eyeballs"

Butch Hartman

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:

"The Fairly Oddparents"

Most challenging thing to draw: Realistic cars

Usually doodles: Superheroes

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The KA-THUD! when Charlie Brown hits the ground after trying to kick a football

Dream superhero power: "The power to eat whatever I want without gaining weight"

Rob Renzetti

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:
"Ask Edward" and "The F-Tales"

Most challenging thing to draw: Accurate caricatures

Usually doodles: Caricatures of people he knows

Favorite cartoon as a kid: Popeye, before it was in color

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The Boogedy Boogedy! sounds some characters make when they jump in the air and run in place

Dream superhero power: "Laser-freeze vision. I've had to wear glasses since sixth grade."

Larry Huber

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:
"ChalkZone," "The Man With No Nose," and "Apex Cartoon Props & Novelties"

Most challenging thing to draw: Cats and horses

Usually doodles: Cartoon eyes

Favorite cartoon character as a kid: Yogi Bear

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The WAH-HA-HA-HOOIE! sound made by Goofy when he falls of a cliff

Dream superhero power: "The power to read people's minds"

Dave Wasson

Oh Yeah! Cartoons he created:
"Max and His Special Problem" and "Jack and the Beatstalk"

Most challenging thing to draw: Accurate caricatures

Favorite cartoon sound effect: The SLAM! sound when Tom of Tom and Jerry rams into something

Dream superhero power: "The power to cancel the effect of gravity on people or objects of my choice so that they'd float off the planet"

Livin' Loopy

In honor of KABLAM!'s Life With Loopy special, we asked the creator, Stephen Holman (below, left), about life on the Loopy side.

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE: What is Loopy's full name?

STEPHEN HOLMAN: Loopy is short for Lupicia [pronounced loop-EE-sha], and nobody knows this yet, but her last name is Cooper.

Were you more like Loopy or her brother Larry as a kid?
To be honest, Larry is the dweebier side of me growing up, and Loopy is the cooler side.

How is Life With Loopy made?
Loopy is a mixture of stop-action animation, puppetry, and live action. The faces of Loopy and her family are made of metal, and their features are magnetic, which makes it easy to change their expressions.

Do you play any parts in the live-action segments?
Yes. I play Charlie Chicken, and in "Late Night With Loopy" I played the TV host Hank Hankerman - our version of David Letterman.

Loopy's parents always answer her questions with far-out stories. Do you remember any far-out stories you were told as a kid?
One of the breakfasts we were served when I was a kid was scrambled eggs mixed with mushrooms, and mushrooms turned the scrambled eggs gray. It was my favorite meal, and my dad told me it was gray dogfish. So until I was about six, I used to tell everyone that my favorite meal was gray dogfish.

Any chance Loopy will have gray dogfish for breakfast?
Well, I have been thinking about it.

The Life With Loopy special airs Friday, August 7, at 8 PM. Show airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Show time subject to change. Check local listings for details.


Meet O (the blue O, above), host of Nickelodeon's new nighttime hour, called Nickel-O-Zone. To make O feel at home, match the clues in the first column to the correct answers in the second column. We filled in the Os already. Hint: Find and fill in the easiest clues first, to narrow down the choices. We did one for you. Answers on page 62.

1. Kenan and Kel movie A.   O O 7
2. The section of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE you're reading now B.   _ O O _   O _ O _
3. Santa's laugh C.   _ O O _ - _ O _ _
       _ O _    _ O _
4. "Bond. James Bond." D.   _ O O _
       _ _ _ _ _ _
5. A bad smell from inside your sneakers E.   _ _ _ _ _ _ 
       _ O O
6. Nickelodeon character who loves a mystery F. _ O!   _ O!   _ O!
7. A 12-inch frankfurter G.   O O _ _      _ _ _ _

by Andrew Brisman

Nickel-O-Zone premieres August 31, from 8 PM to 9 PM. It airs one hour earlier in the central time zone. Time subject to change. Check local listings for details.

Hey, Herb!

Where you ask the president of Nickelodeon, Herb Scannell, anything you want.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jimmy Smits of NYPD Blue?
Yes, I've been told I look like Jimmy Smits (above, left). People also think I look like [Broncos Quarterback] John Elway (above, right), but I don't see the resemblance.

What has been your favorite decade so far?
I liked the idealism and music of the sixties, I'm not a disco fan, and I thought the fashion was really bad in the seventies. The nineties have been pretty good: I became a dad and got to be president of Nickelodeon. Since those are the things that make be happy, I'd have to say the nineties.

Did you ever wear skintight bell-bottoms or have a 1970s hairstyle?
I tried to grow my hair long enough for a ponytail, but it never worked, because my hair is really thin. At a certain length the ends would flip up and look goofy. I did have a pair of black-and-white-striped bell-bottoms that were pretty tight on me, even though I was very skinny!

Send your questions to:

Hey, Herb!
1515 Broadway, 41st Floor
New York, NY 10036

[Bonus: R.L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street #33 - "Attack Of The Vampire Worms" book - "This Time, You're The Bait!" advertisement]

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