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Saturday, 16 March 1996

Space Cases Blasts Off - Ooze News - March 1996

Ooze News - March 1996

Space Cases

Blasts Off

What would you do if you were trapped on a spaceship with your teacher and assistant principal for the next seven years?

Space Cases, Nickelodeon's new science-fiction show, is the story of five kids who find out for themselves. Set in the year 2261, Space Cases follows five students (the "space cases") who study - or rather, don't study - at the Starcademy, a training school for intergalactic heroes.

Their troubles begin when they are sent to a special three-week summer-school program. One day, the students wander aboard a mysterious alien ship, which is empty - except for a robot. Their teacher and assistant principal follow them on board - and are about to tell the kids to return to school - when the ship suddenly blasts off through a freak hole in space. The ship ends up on the other side of the galaxy, and the shortest course back to the Starcademy will take seven years to complete. The space cases are trapped - and their adventures begin.

Space Cases premieres on Saturday, March 2, at 9 PM.
Subject to change. Check local listings for details.

Lost In Space... Again

Space Cases co-creator Bill Mumy (left) with Mark Hamill (of Star Wars fame) make guest appearances on Space Cases as Jin and Pel, respectively.

Bill Mumy, the show's co-creator (with Peter David), knows a lot about science fiction. From ages 10 to 14, he starred in the classic TV show Lost in Space. Currently, he stars on Babylon 5, another TV sci-fi adventure show. We asked him some spacey questions.

Nickelodeon Magazine: What would you do if you met an alien?
Bill Mumy: I guess it would depend on the alien. If he were friendly, I'd find out what kind of music he listens to. I would ask him if he'd like to make a guest appearance on Space Cases. He wouldn't have to go to makeup.

NM: What makes Space Cases different from other TV shows?
BM: It's a sci-fi show about kids. Another thing that makes it different is that there are no hand weapons. People aren't going around blasting one another.

NM: If you could ride a rocket into space, would you?
BM: If I could go to the airport and get on a spacecraft, I'd do it in a minute.

NM: What's your favorite planet?
BM: My favorite planet is Earth, but it needs a lot of work.

NM: Would you want to live in space?
BM: I'd rather live in Hawaii. But California isn't so bad.

The Cast Of Cases

Your guide to who's who in the crew

Home: Titan (one of Saturn's moons)
Special characteristics: Catalina has rainbow-striped hair. She also has an invisible friend named Suzee. No one but Catalina knows if Suzee really exists. Catalina says that it's Suzee who comes up with all the bright ideas.
Played by: Jewel Staite, age 13

Home: Earth
Special characteristics: Harlan has natural leadership skills, but he often makes mistakes. After all, he's only human.
Played by: Walter Jones

Home: Andromeda (a constellation)
Special characteristics: Radu has spiral-shaped ears, which give him super-hearing. He also has super-strength - 10 times that of a human.
Played by: Kristian Ayre, age 18

Home: Mercury
Special characteristics: Pink skin and a hairless body. When she gets angry, her face turns very red. If Rosie gets frustrated or upset, she also radiates heat. The temperature of the room increases and she sets off the sprinkler systems.
Played by: Paige Christina, age 13

Home: Uranus
Special characteristics: Bova has a pair of antennae on his forehead. They can generate electricity.
Played by: Rahi Azizi, age 13.


Thelma is an android. Her fingers can do almost anything, from screwing in screws to dispensing beverages. [Thelma stands for Techno Human EmuLating MAchine, and is played by Anik Matern.]

Commander Seth Goddard is the kids' teacher. He sometimes loses his temper trying to keep the space cases in line. [Played by Paul Boretski.]

T.J. Davenport is the assistant principal who expects perfection from others and herself. [Played by Cary Lawrence.]

Ask the Boss Lady

Where you ask the president of Nickelodeon, Geraldine B. Laybourne, anything you want.

Do you always wear pencils in your hair?
Only when I'm trying to look really smart!

What was the worst smell you ever smelled, and where were you when you smelled it?
When I was growing up, the New Jersey Meadowlands smelled like 40,000 skunks had had a spraying party. (That was before the property was cleaned up and a sports complex was built there.)

What is your favorite smell?
My favorite smell is chocolate-chip cookies being baked in the oven - or maybe it's brownies.

Are you as funky as Nickelodeon's characters?
I've always thought of myself as down-to-earth and funky. But, to make sure I answered your question correctly, I looked up funky in the dictionary. One definition is "having a offensive odor." The next time someone calls me funky, I'm going to ask them exactly what they mean by it.

What's New on Nick

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Starting March 16, The Ren & Stimpy Show will be on Saturdays at 6 PM.

Watch The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, a new show about a 16-year-old amateur detective, on weekends starting in March.

All times are for Eastern and Pacific time zones. Shows air one hour earlier in the central time zone. Shows subject to change. Check your local listings for details.


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